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Putting Science into Business

Use scientific systems, reasoning and analysis to utilise data and business performance to produce opportunities and success 

Systems for growth

Utilise Data

Achieve Goals

Paying for fancy software and not making the most of it?

Collecting Data but don't know how use it?

Simple business admin tasks taking up too much time?

Want to grow your business but struggling with work load? 


What We Offer

We work with companies to get the most out of their businesses. Reviewing systems of work for optimisation and implementing data driven decision making. 

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Workflows That Work

Review systems of work to fully optimise the work place. Reducing time sucking activities and providing more flow 

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Get the most from your software

Review the software used across the company and if its being fully utilised. 

If you're paying for it, lets get you using it! 

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Data Analysis and Utilisation

Use data analysis techniques to aid in decision making. Audit the data your company is collecting and how it could be used to produce effective systems and increase profit. 

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Smart Automation Tools

Introducing automated tools and systems to reduce time taken on simple and repetitive task 

Why choose to work with us?

Kaylee Herbert, the founder of Zeno Innovations has a proven track record of using scientific processes and data driven decision making in a business setting. 
With a PhD in Microbiology, Kaylee has gone on to Direct a chain of restaurants and take-aways across Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire, winning Best Multi- unit operator at the National Fish and Chip awards 2023, and being listed in the top 100 female entrepreneurs 2022 by F:entrepreneur.  

Get Ready to Maximize Your Takings With Our Workflow Solutions and Data Driven Decision Making

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